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  • Massage Oil-Good Sleep

    980.00 775.00

    A special blend of natural oils may be used in all types of sleep problems and deep stress. It helps to shorten sleep latency, promotes relaxation and strengthens the mind, is very effective against insomnia, mental fatigue, anxiety and emotional disorders.

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  • Personal Hygiene-Tooth Powder

    1,020.00 580.00

    “Tooth powder is a natural “spice mix” that is used for many different dental and gum problems, bad breath, Alveolihs, Gingivitis, with holes in halitosis (bad breath), reinforces enamel and weak and sensitive teeth. The tooth powder contains a natural “whitener”

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  • Skin Care Products-Green

    890.00 780.00

    Green is the oldest wonder remedy; in our range .The famous “Green” is multipurpose it can be

    used for any and every kind of skin problem.



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